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Blow Away The Morning Dew

There was a knight both young and fair,
came riding o'er the hill
As he rode out one May morning to see what he could kill.

Blow away the morning dew
Dew and the dew
Blow away the morning dew.

He look-ed high, he look-ed low, he cast another look
And then he spied a pretty maid a-bathing in the brook.

If you take me to my father's house, 'tis wall-ed all around
Ye shall enjoy my precious love and likewise twenty pounds.

He mounted on his milk white steed, and she upon another
And then they rode off down the lane like sister
and like brother.

But when she reached her father's gate,
so nimbly she popped in
She cried, "There stands the fool without,
and here's the maid within!"

My father keeps a rooster but it will not tread a hen
He flaps his wings and flies about,
I think you're one of them.

So if you meet a pretty girl as you ride o'er the hill
It's if you cannot when you may, ye shall not when you will.


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