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Sishi pende dögu jungwi ter,
Tubten sampel norbu önang bar.
Tendro nordzin gyache kyongwi gön
Trinlê kyi rölsto gyê;
Dorje khamsu tenpê
Chokün chamtse kyong.
Namkö gawa gyaden u pang gungla beg.
Puntso deshi nga-thang gyê.
Pöjong chöl sumgyi khyönla deoden sarpè khyap,
Chösi kyi pelon tar.
Tubten chochu gyepê dzamling yanpi kyegu shidi pela jor.
Pöjong tendrö getzen nyi-ö kyi,
Trashic-nang humdu tromi zi,
Nacho münpi yule gye-gyur chi.


The source of temporal and spiritual wealth of joy and boundless benefits
The Wish-fulfilling Jewel of the Buddha's Teaching, blazes forth radiant light
The all-protecting Patron of the Doctrine and of all sentient beings
By his actions stretches forth his influence like an ocean
By his eternal Vajra-nature
His compassion and loving care extend to beings everywhere
May the celestially appointed Government of Gawa Gyaden achieve the heights of glory
And increase its fourfold influence and prosperity
May a golden age of joy and happiness spread once more through these regions of Tibet
And may its temporal and spiritual splendour shine again
May the Buddha's Teaching spread in all the ten directions and lead all beings in the universe to glorious peace
May the spiritual Sun of the Tibetan faith and People
Emitting countless rays of auspicious light
Victoriously dispel the strife of darkness


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