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Simple Simon

SIMPLE SIMON met a pie man
going to the fair:
Said Simple Simon to the pie man:
"let me taste your ware."

Said the pie-man to Simple Simon:
"Show me first your penny!"
Said Simple Simon to the pie-man:
"Indeed I have not any!"

He went to catch a dicky bird,
And thought he would not fail
Because he had a little salt
To put upon his tail.

He went to ride a spotted cow
That had a little calf;
She threw him down upon the ground,
Which made the people laugh.

Then Simple Simon went a-hunting
For to catch a hare;
He rode a goat about the street,
But could not find one there.

Simple Simon went to town
To buy a piece of meat;
He tied it to his horseís tail
To keep it clean and sweet.

Simple Simon went a-fishing
For to catch a whale,
And all the water he had got
Was in his motherís pail.

He went to take a birdís nest
ĎTwas built upon a bough;
A branch gave way, and Simon fell
Into a dirty slough.

He went to shoot a wild duck,
But the wild duck flew away;
Says Simon: "I canít hit him
Because he will not stay."

Once Simon made a great snowball,
And brought it in to roast;
He laid it down upon the fire ,
And soon the ball was lost.

He went to slide upon the ice
Before the ice would bear;
Then he plunged in above his knees,
Which made poor Simon stare.

Simple Simon went to look
If plums grew on a thistle;
He pricked his finger very much,
Which made poor Simon whistle.

He washed himself with blacking ball
Because he had no soap;
And then said to his mother:
"Iím a beauty now, I hope."

He went for water in a sieve,
But soon it all ran through.
And now poor Simple Simon
Bids you all adieu.






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