Zoo-time Wild Animal Jokes part 2


Q1 What Fur do you get from a Tiger?


Q2 Why did the Tortoise cross the Road?


Q3 What is the Highest form of Animal Life?
Q4 What do you get when you cross a Cheetah with a Hamburger?
Q5 What did the Lion eat in the Restaurant?
Q6 Where do Polar Bears keep their Valuables?
Q7 Why did the Wolf cross the Road?
Q8 Why didn`t the Woman run away from the Lion?
Q9 What do you call a Camel with three Humps?
Q10 Why did the Elephant take a Shower?

Q11 Why do Lions eat Raw Meat?
Q12 What is Big Grey and has Sixteen Wheels?
Q13 What do you call a Penguin in the Jungle?
Q14 What kind of Monkey can Fly?
Q15 Why are Alligators Quick Witted?
Q16 Is it hard to Spot a Leopard?
Q17 What did the Aardvark prefer on his Pizza?
Q18 What is a Reptiles Favourite Movie?
Q19 What do you call a happy Teddy Bear?
Q20 Why don`t Koalas wear Shoes?

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