Boats Planes and Trains


Q1 What would you do with an Old Bike?


Q2 What do you call Someone with a Car on their Head?


Q3 What is worse than Raining Cats and Dogs?
Q4 What has Wheels and Flies?
Q5 Why can`t a Bicycle stand up for itself?
Q6 What do you call a Flying Policeman?
Q7 Which Vegetable would you Never want in Your Boat?
Q8 Why did the Ram Crash his Car?
Q9 Why is it not Safe to Sleep on a Train?
Q10 Where do Cars go Swimming?

Q11 What did the Australian driver say to the Hitchhiking Kangeroo?
Q12 When is a Car not a Car?
Q13 What does a Train do with it`s Food?
Q14 Who could hold up a Bus with just one Hand?
Q15 What do you call a Toy Railway?
Q16 What did the Fly say when it hit the Windscreen?
Q17 Why did the Farmer sleep under his Tractor?
Q18 How did the lady feel when She was Run over?
Q19 What did the Jack say to the Motor Car?
Q20 What did the Traffic Warden say to the illegally parked Frog?