Funny Sea Creatures


Q1 How do Electric Eels Taste?


Q2 Why did the Starfish Blush?


Q3 What is the best way to get a Fish to keep a Secret?
Q4 What would you call a Baby Whale?
Q5 What made the Fish really Disgusted?
Q6 If you cross an Electric Eel with a Sponge what do you get?
Q7 What did the Atlantic Ocean say to the Pacific?
Q8 Which Fish lights up at Night?
Q9 Why are Fish terrible Tennis Players?
Q10 Why won`t Prawns share their Sweets?

Q11 How would you Sink a Submarine crewed by Idiots?
Q12 Which day of the Week do Fish hate most?
Q13 Why did the Octopus see the Psychiatrist?
Q14 Why did the Police Arrest the Crab?
Q15 What does a Mermaid Sleep on?
Q16 What do you call a Fish on a Table?
Q17 Which Fish go to Heaven when they Die?
Q18 What is the Strongest Sea Creature?
Q19 What is Full of Holes and yet Holds Water?
Q20 What Instruments do Spanish Fishermen play?