My Favourite School Time Jokes


Q1 Why was the Cross-eyed School Teacher given the Sack?


Q2 Would you like your Mum to help you with your Homework?


Q3 Why did the Teacher wear Sunglasses?
Q4 Why did the Boy take a Ladder to his New School?
Q5 Where do Crazy Teachers train?
Q6 Do you know Who invented Fractions?
Q7 Why was the School Orchestra so Rude?
Q8 Why was the Maths book so Worried?
Q9 Who do you Think writes Invisible Books?
Q10 Why is History just like a Fruitcake?

Q11 Where do Maths Teachers enjoy going Sight Seeing?
Q12 Why did the flock of Birds fly into the Library?
Q13 Why is Six scared of Seven?
Q14 Why are Art Galleries like Teachers Retirement Homes?
Q15 Why did the Teacher switch the Lights on?
Q16 What do Maths Teachers eat?
Q17 What happened to the Witch who broke all the School Rules?
Q18 Did your Dad help you with you`re Homework?
Q19 Why was the Teacher`s head all Wet?
Q20 How do you Guarantee getting straight A`s?