Ghosts Vampires and Witches (part 4)


Q1 Why did the Zombie stay in Bed?


Q2 How do you get Rid of a Vampire?


Q3 Why do Ghosts Hate Rain?
Q4 Where does a Witch keep her Purse?
Q5 Where do Vampires go Fishing?
Q6 How do you make a Skeleton Laugh?
Q7 What did the Daddy Ghost say to the Baby Ghost?
Q8 What is a Vampires favourite Puzzle?
Q9 What do you call a Monster at a Disco?
Q10 Where do Vampires prefer to Wash?

Q11 Why did the Boy take a Clock and a Chick out on Halloween?
Q12 What is a Ghosts favourite Pasta?
Q13 How did the Young Vampire embarass his Dad?
Q14 How would you make a Monsters eyes Light Up?
Q15 And what is a Ghosts favourite Pudding?
Q16 How would you Grow a Werewolf?
Q17 Why did the Vampire use a Red Pencil?
Q18 What would You Say to a Three headed Monster?
Q19 What is a Sea Monsters favourite Food?
Q20 What do you get crossing a Vampire with a Raincoat?