Ghosts Vampires and Witches (part 3)


Q1 What is the first thing that You Should put into a Haunted House?


Q2 What does a Devil prefer to Drink?


Q3 What is a Ghosts favourite Game?
Q4 What do you call an Unmarried Vampire?
Q5 Which Ghost really scared James Bond?
Q6 How did the young Skeleton get to School?
Q7 Why was the Graveyard so Noisy?
Q8 What do you call a Wizard on a Broomstick?
Q9 What do you call a Clever Monster?
Q10 What do you call a Stupid Vampire?

Q11 Which airline do Monsters prefer to Fly on?
Q12 Why did the Witch wave her Wand in the Oven?
Q13 Why do Vampires drink Blood?
Q14 What kind of Road do Ghosts live on?
Q15 How do you Greet a Monster?
Q16 How do Skeletons call their Friends?
Q17 Why did the Ghost have to go into Hospital?
Q18 What do you call a Skeleton that stays in bed all Day?
Q19 What did the Monster get when He fell through a Window?
Q20 What do you call a Ghost Policeman?