Ghosts Vampires and Witches (part 2)


Q1 What does a Monster read in his Daily Newspaper?


Q2 What did Frankenstein do when the Monsters head fell off?


Q3 What did the Sad Ghost say?
Q4 What do you call a Ghostly Teddy Bear?
Q5 What did the Witch Doctor say to the Tribeswoman?
Q6 Why are Vampires so Stupid?
Q7 What sort of mail do Ghosts always get?
Q8 What did the Skeleton say to his Girlfriend?
Q9 What do you call a Friendly Monster?
Q10 How does a Witch feel after a Long Journey?

Q11 What do you call a Vampire pig?
Q12 How do you make a Witch Itch?
Q13 What is Draculas favourite icecream?
Q14 What do you call a Vampire that you can dip in your Tea?
Q15 Where do Ghosts go on Holiday?
Q16 Why did the Werewolf eat the Jogger?
Q17 The Vampire had no Friends at all - Why?
Q18 And Drakulas favourite Soap Opera is?
Q19 Where do Baby Ghosts learn to say Boo?
Q20 What do you call a Vampire with no Teeth?