Ghosts Vampires and Witches (part 1)


Q1 What did the Werewolf eat after he had a Tooth out?


Q2 What would you call a Lazy Skeleton?


Q3 What is the Baby Ghosts favourite Bedtime story?
Q4 What did the Ghost call her Teddy Bear?
Q5 In which way are Vampires artistic?
Q6 Why was the Operating Theatre haunted?
Q7 The Skeleton would not go to the Party - Why?
Q8 Where would you go to get a Drakula Costume?
Q9 Why is it impossible for a Ghost to tell a Lie?
Q10 Mummies do not have any Friends - Why?

Q11 Why did the Vampire go into Hospital?
Q12 What kind of Tests do Witches take?
Q13 Why do Skeletons play Pianos?
Q14 What sort of Horses do Ghosts ride?
Q15 What do you call a Witch at the beach?
Q16 What is a Vampires favourite Fruit?
Q17 What is a Ghosts favourite Nursery Rhyme?
Q18 What Monster sits on the end of Your Finger?
Q19 What does a Vampire get when he Drinks too much?
Q20 What is Drakulas favourite Sport?