In Our Garden


Q1 What actually gets Smaller the More you put Into it?


Q2 Why is Grass considered to be Dangerous?


Q3 What would you Call a Naughty Cranefly?
Q4 What do you get when you cross a Grass Cutter with a Cow?
Q5 What kind of Bean never grows in a Garden?
Q6 Why didn`t the Tree like playing Draughts?
Q7 How do you tell which end is a Worms Head?
Q8 What kind of Birds always Stick Together?
Q9 Why did the Tree dye it`s Hair?
Q10 What happened when the Rhubarb Thief was Caught?

Q11 What is a Frog`s Favourite Flower?
Q12 What did the Dirt in the Garden say during Heavy Rain?
Q13 What do Trees wear at the Seaside?
Q14 What do you call a Russian Gardener?
Q15 Why do Birds Fly South in the Winter?
Q16 How do Trees get onto the Internet?
Q17 What did the Tree say to the Axe?
Q18 Why do Baby Birds in the Nest get on so Well?
Q19 What sort of Cakes do Birds Prefer?
Q20 What would you get crossing a Rose with a Crocodile?