Fun and Games Finale


Q1 What did the little Apple Tree say to the Farmer?


Q2 What do you get if you cross a Teddy with a Pig?


Q3 What do you call a Snowman in Summer?
Q4 Teacher - What does Coincidence mean?
Q5 What is an Archeologist?
Q6 Why did the Lady christen her car Baby?
Q7 What do you get Crossing a Spaniel a Poodle and a Rooster?
Q8 What is a Cannibals favourite food?
Q9 What did the Bees do first in their new Hive?
Q10 What do you call a Vicar on a Motorbike?

Q11 How did the Farmer mend his Trousers?
Q12 How many Days of the Week Start with T?
Q13 What can run Very Fast but not Walk?
Q14 What does Santa use to Weed his Garden?
Q15 What Books do Wise old Owls love to Read?
Q16 Why must you be careful when it`s Raining Cats and Dogs?
Q17 Why was 2008 a good Year for Frogs?
Q18 What is the Hardest part of Sky Diving?
Q19 What do you call a Girl who never uses a Handkerchief?
Q20 How can I keep you in Suspense?