Food for Thought part 2


Q1 Why do Waiters prefer Elephants to Flies?


Q2 What is the most Musical part of a Turkey?


Q3 What Pie can Fly?
Q4 Why did the little Girl put Sugar on her Pillow?
Q5 What do you call a Girl sitting on a Slice of Toast?
Q6 What do Ghosts put in their Sandwiches?
Q7 What does a Snowman have for Breakfast?
Q8 Why did Mrs Grape leave Mr Grape?
Q9 What is Fungi?
Q10 Why did the Boy stare at the Orange Squash bottle?

Q11 What stays Hot in the Fridge?
Q12 What are the Two Things you Never eat for Lunch?
Q13 Which Vitamin is Good for your Eyes?
Q14 Waiter will our Pizza be Long?
Q15 Did you Hear the Secret about the Butter?
Q16 Why were the Gooseberries so Upset?
Q17 What would you Call a Lazy Baker?
Q18 Why did the Apple cry?
Q19 Why are Sausages really Rude?
Q20 How do you Make a Sausage Roll?