Food for Thought part 1


Q1 What are Apricots?


Q2 Why do French people eat Snails?


Q3 How do you make an Apple Puff?
Q4 What do you call a Raspberry that was Run Over?
Q5 Did Adam and Eve have a Date?
Q6 What did one Plate say to the Other Plate?
Q7 What do you get if you eat Loads of Onions and Baked Beans?
Q8 What would you call Six bottles of Lemonade?
Q9 Waiter - my Egg is Bad
Q10 What did the Strawberry say to his Friends?

Q11 How do you prevent Milk from Turning Sour?
Q12 Why did the Couple call their Baby Girl Caffein?
Q13 Can you spell Candy with Two letters?
Q14 What did the Chef call his Son?
Q15 Why did the Baker work so Hard?
Q16 what Sweet is Never on Time?
Q17 Why did the Doughnut visit the Dentist?
Q18 Where would they Teach you to make Ice Cream?
Q19 What should you say before Eating your Salad?
Q20 How do you Start a Pudding Race?