Farmer Farmer (Part 3)


Q1 Where do Sheep go for a Haircut?


Q2 What do you call an Arctic Cow?


Q3 What did the Little Pig say when he met another Little Pig?
Q4 Where did the Cow go on her first date with the Bull?
Q5 What do you call a Pig with fleas?
Q6 What do Sheep say to each other at Christmas?
Q7 What do you get crossing a Pig with a Centipede?
Q8 What sort of bird lays electric eggs?
Q9 Why did the Cow jump over the Moon?
Q10 What did the Doctor give the poorly Pig?

Q11 What would you call a Cow wearing a Crown?
Q12 What did the Ram say to his Girlfriend?
Q13 How do Chickens bake Cakes?
Q14 What would you call a Cow that says baa?
Q15 What was the Pigs favourite Ballet?
Q16 What Key cannot open a Lock?
Q17 How does a Farmer count his Cattle?
Q18 What do you call a Pig with a Machine Gun?
Q19 What do you get if you cross a Chicken with a Cow?
Q20 Why will Pigs never talk to Chickens?