Farmer Farmer (Part 2)


Q1 How does a Sheep finish it's letter?


Q2 Where do Cows go to Dance?


Q3 What did the Doctor give the poorly Chicken?
Q4 How would a Pig get to Hospital?
Q5 Why do Cows have Bells?
Q6 What do you get crossing a Chicken and a Dog?
Q7 Why do Pigs never go on Holiday?
Q8 Why do Hens lay eggs?
Q9 What do Cows play at Parties?
Q10 What runs round and round a Farm but never moves?

Q11 Why do Pigs love going to the Casino?
Q12 What do Sheep enjoy on hot Summer days?
Q13 What has five fingers and drives a Tractor?
Q14 Why isn't the Rooster rich?
Q15 Why should you never tell a Pig secrets?
Q16 Why did the Cow cross the road?
Q17 What do you call a Pig that does Karate?
Q18 Who wrote Great Eggspectations?
Q19 Why didn't the Piglets listen to their Grandpa?
Q20 What is a Cow called that can't produce milk?