Farmer Farmer (Part 1)


Q1 Why did the Farmer plough his fields with a Steam Roller?


Q2 What do you call a Goat who lives on a Mountain?


Q3 Where do Cows live in the USA?
Q4 What does a Duck put it's Cheese on?
Q5 What do you call a Pig driving a Car?
Q6 Why did the Farmer give his Chickens whiskey?
Q7 Why are Sheep always hard up?
Q8 How do you arrest a naughty Pig?
Q9 What do you call a baby Turkey?
Q10 What key does a Cow choir sing in?

Q11 Why is it impossible to have a proper conversation with a Goat?
Q12 What did the Duck say when she went shopping?
Q13 What is a dancing Sheep called?
Q14 Why are Chickens workaholics?
Q15 Why do Horses wear shoes?
Q16 What did Mummy Chicken say to her naughty Chicks?
Q17 Where do elderly Cows Live?
Q18 What do you call a sleeping Bull?
Q19 What happened to the Chicken who ate Gunpowder?
Q20 What do you call someone who steals Pigs?