National Health Service ( part 2)


Q1 Doctor Doctor can you help me out?


Q2 What do you give Someone who has Everything?


Q3 How did the Dentist become a Brain Surgeon?
Q4 What does a Dentist call x-rays?
Q5 What do you call Childrens Knees?
Q6 When do Doctors get Angry?
Q7 What time should You go to the Dentist?
Q8 Does an Apple a Day really keep the Doctor away?
Q9 Why did the Angel go to the Doctors?
Q10 What did the Dentist give to the Brass Band?

Q11 What do you give Someone with a Splitting Headache?
Q12 Doctor should I file my Nails?
Q13 What do you call a Lady with just one Tooth?
Q14 What do Surgeons do with their Mistakes?
Q15 What do you call a depressed Dentist?
Q16 Why did the Orange go to see the Doctor?
Q17 How do You make a Venetian Blind?
Q18 What does the Dentist of the Year get?
Q19 Which is the fastest Hot or Cold?
Q20 Doctor Doctor I think I am Invisible!