National Health Service ( part 1)


Q1 Why did the Carpenter go to see his Doctor?


Q2 Someone hits you on the head with an Axe - What have you got?


Q3 Can you name a Scottish Dentist?
Q4 What did one Eye say to the other Eye?
Q5 What is a Chiropodists favourite song?
Q6 What do you call a Girl with one Short Leg?
Q7 What do you call a Roman Emperor?
Q8 Why are False Teeth like Stars?
Q9 How did the Patient get to the Hospital so Fast?
Q10 What is the cure for Dandruff?

Q11 Why did the Biscuit go to the Doctors?
Q12 When the Statue of Liberty sneezes What do you Say?
Q13 What can Run but not Walk?
Q14 Is Chicken Soup good for your Health?
Q15 Why did the Nurse tiptoe past the Medicine Cabinet?
Q16  What sort of Doctor treats Ducks?
Q17Why did the Psychiatrists Patient get under the Bed?
Q18 Why did the Leaf go to the Doctors?
Q19 How did Moses get Egyptian Flu?
Q20 Why is a Psychiatrist like a Squirrel?