Hilarious Computer Joke Time


Q1 Why don`t Elephants like to use Computers?


Q2 Why did the Computer wear Glasses?


Q3 Why didn`t the Girl Mouse like the Boy Mouse?
Q4 What would you get by crossing a PC with an Elephant?
Q5 How would you know if some "idiot" had been using your Computer?
Q6 How did the Computer Thief get out of Jail?
Q7 Why did the Computer Sneeze?
Q8 What bit of a Computer is an Aliens Favourite part?
Q9 What did the Mouse say to the Webcam?
Q10 Why was the Computer really Tired?

Q11 What would you get by crossing a Computer with a Rhinoserous?
Q12 Why did the Computer go Crazy?
Q13 What is it called when a Computer has Bitten you?
Q14 Who sits on Cinderellas Keyboard?
Q15 What do you call a Camping Ground for Spiders?
Q16 Why don`t Vikings send emails?
Q17 Why was the Computer freezing Cold?
Q18 What did the Computer have for Lunch?
Q19 Why are Beavers always on the Internet?
Q20 How did the Computer injure itself?

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