Bugs and Creepy Crawlies


Q1 Where do Stupid Ants Live?


Q2 What did the Bus Driver say to the Frog?


Q3 How do you stop a Skunk from smelling?
Q4 How do Snails fight each other?
Q5 What would you call an idiotic Flea?
Q6 What did the School Teacher say to the naughty Bee?
Q7 What do you call a Ten Foot long Ant?
Q8 What do venomous Snakes have?
Q9 What would you call a very nervous Insect?
Q10 How many Legs does an Ant have?

Q11 What did the Bee say to the Flower?
Q12 What do Frogs drink?
Q13 Why was the Centipede dropped from his Football Team?
Q14 How would you Spot a Baby Snake?
Q15 Why do Bees Hum?
Q16 Why did the Mummy Caterpillar run out of Cash?
Q17 What do Snakes have on their Bathroom Walls?
Q18 What would you call an Australian Gecko?
Q19 Why was the Butterfly not allowed to the Dance?
Q20 What do you call a Baby Ant?

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