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Q.     How do I download a story, picture or software?

A.     Right click on the picture or name

        Click on "Save Target As..."

        or "Save Picture As..."

        Click on "Save"


If you have a problem downloading, it is usually due to the settings in Internet Explorer. We have had everything tested in all versions of Windows XP and Vista without problems. Also tested in the Firefox 3 and Opera browsers with no problems.

Q.     Do I have to subscribe to a newsletter or anything else?

A.     No, just check out www.landofmagic.co.uk as often as you like


Q.     Does it cost anything to download from the Land of Magic?

A.     No, everyone is welcome to the Land of Magic

        For personal use, everything is completely free for you to enjoy

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Q.     If I have a suggestion can I contact you?

A.     Yes please, we  welcome any ideas you have to improve

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