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Jonathan Thomas' Christmas on the Moon

The Synopsis:

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 It was a cold winters night and time to retire and Santa Claus sat by his warm fire. He said to himself well I made that nice sled that I promised to Johnny and I painted it red. I fixed up that train and the dolls are now finished and I think I'm almost ready to take it steady. He heaved a great sigh and said 'I'll take a nap' just then on the door there came a loud rap. It was the wicked Squeebublians who hate Christmas cheer and they said to Santa 'we'll fix you this year'. So they tied him up tight, though he put up a good fight they carried him off through the cold dark night.

Now Jonathan Thomas who's a wee little lad, heard what had happened and he felt very sad. He said 'I'll find Santa with help of course, from the Man in the Moon and Gorgonzola the horse'. So the three started out on their perilous way, to find Santa Claus before Christmas day.

Well you'll be surprised how much trouble they've had. What with Giants and Goblins and things that are bad. The wickedest kind of a wicked old witch, who rules over a land called Rumplestitch. She has done her best with her terrible magic, to make the end of this story tragic.

But the good Fairy Queen has kept them from harm, for whatever happens she knows the right charm. I've always had faith that the three would succeed, but you can't make mistakes when you do a good deed. Well they walked right into Looking Glass Land where they met Queen Alice in her court so grand. She gave them a whistle to make them grow tall, or if they preferred it would make them grow small.

They were chased by a dragon with thirteen tails and then the Squeebublians put them in jail. But Jonathon Thomas he kept his head and blew the whistle as Queen Alice said. He grew so small he crept under the door and then he grew up and what is more, he opened the door for the man in the Moon and they rescued Santa quicker than soon. Now they're home safe in Santa Claus Land and having a party that's ever so grand. I'd like to be there myself...

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